parameterNoParametersParameterOperation Parameter
- idNostringUnique id for inter-element referencing
- extensionNoExtension[]Additional content defined by implementations
- modifierExtensionNoExtension[]Extensions that cannot be ignored even if unrecognized
- nameYesstringName from the definition
- value[x]Nobase64Binary, boolean, canonical, code, date, dateTime, decimal, id, instant, integer, markdown, oid, positiveInt, string, time, unsignedInt, uri, url, uuid, Address, Age, Annotation, Attachment, CodeableConcept, Coding, ContactPoint, Count, Distance, Duration, HumanName, Identifier, Money, Period, Quantity, Range, Ratio, Reference<>, SampledData, Signature, Timing, ContactDetail, Contributor, DataRequirement, Expression, ParameterDefinition, RelatedArtifact, TriggerDefinition, UsageContext, Dosage, MetaIf parameter is a data type
- resourceNoResourceIf parameter is a whole resource
- partNo[]Named part of a multi-part parameter

Search Parameters


Inherited Properties

idNostringLogical id of this artifact
metaNoMetaMetadata about the resource
implicitRulesNouriA set of rules under which this content was created
languageNocodeLanguage of the resource content

To view the FHIR specification for this resource, see Parameters.