identifierNoIdentifier[]Identifies this endpoint across multiple systems
statusYescodeactive / suspended / error / off / entered-in-error / test
connectionTypeYesCodingProtocol/Profile/Standard to be used with this endpoint connection
nameNostringA name that this endpoint can be identified by
managingOrganizationNoReference<Organization>Organization that manages this endpoint (might not be the organization that exposes the endpoint)
contactNoContactPoint[]Contact details for source (e.g. troubleshooting)
periodNoPeriodInterval the endpoint is expected to be operational
payloadTypeYesCodeableConcept[]The type of content that may be used at this endpoint (e.g. XDS Discharge summaries)
payloadMimeTypeNocode[]Mimetype to send. If not specified, the content could be anything (including no payload, if the connectionType defined this)
addressYesurlThe technical base address for connecting to this endpoint
headerNostring[]Usage depends on the channel type

Search Parameters

connection-typetokenProtocol/Profile/Standard to be used with this endpoint connectionEndpoint.connectionType
identifiertokenIdentifies this endpoint across multiple systemsEndpoint.identifier
namestringA name that this endpoint can be identified
organizationreferenceThe organization that is managing the endpointEndpoint.managingOrganization
payload-typetokenThe type of content that may be used at this endpoint (e.g. XDS Discharge summaries)Endpoint.payloadType
statustokenThe current status of the Endpoint (usually expected to be active)Endpoint.status

Inherited Properties

idNostringLogical id of this artifact
metaNoMetaMetadata about the resource
implicitRulesNouriA set of rules under which this content was created
languageNocodeLanguage of the resource content
textNoNarrativeText summary of the resource, for human interpretation
containedNoResource[]Contained, inline Resources
extensionNoExtension[]Additional content defined by implementations
modifierExtensionNoExtension[]Extensions that cannot be ignored

To view the FHIR specification for this resource, see Endpoint.