In some cases, when querying for FHIR Resources, you may want to download the Document corresponding to a Resource - you can use the information found in this extension to do so.

For example, this is helpful to answer questions such as “what Progress Note does this Encounter correspond to?“.


Example extension:

  "url": "",
  "valueString": "1A5512D2-0EE9-11EE-B2A6-A2F55214B7C1-MLKJ392874kjshhKJSHDFdskjfh98234uiy"

You can use the value of the valueString property as input to the Get Document URL endpoint to download the C-CDA Document from which the FHIR Resource was derived from.


The URL of this extension’s JSON structure specification.


The ID of the C-CDA Document the FHIR Resource was derived from.