This is a guide to help you integrate with Tenovi - a remote patient monitoring (RPM) device provider. When a patient takes measurements with Tenovi RPM devices, the data will be made available both through webhooks, and our REST API.

You can read more about what data types are supported on our integrations page.


As a prerequisite, we recommend following our Devices API quickstart guide, up to and including the “Integrate your app with Metriport” step.

To integrate with Tenovi, you will need to do the following for each of your users:

  1. Obtain a connect token for the user;
  2. Activate the user’s Tenovi device(s) using the Connect RPM Device endpoint.

In the Connect RPM Device endpoint, you will need to use the Tenovi Patient ID as the deviceUserId, and the HWI ID, as deviceIds.

REST Endpoints

With Tenovi, you can query for past user data using one of the following endpoints:

However, you will need to use the following headers (see image below for reference):


Your company’s API key generated on Tenovi’s Client Home page.


Your company’s name as indicated on your custom Tenovi URL, what comes after ”https://api2.tenovi.com/clients/…“.