identifierNoIdentifier[]Business identifier
statusYescodeactive / inactive / entered-in-error
categoryNoCodeableConcept[]Clinical, administrative, etc.
codeYesCodeableConceptCoded or textual message to display to user
subjectYesReference<Patient / Location / Group / Organization / Practitioner / PlanDefinition / Medication / Procedure>Who/What is flag about?
periodNoPeriodTime period when flag is active
encounterNoReference<Encounter>Alert relevant during encounter
authorNoReference<Device / Organization / Patient / Practitioner / PractitionerRole>Flag creator

Search Parameters

datedateTime period when flag is activeFlag.period
patientreferenceThe identity of a subject to list flags forFlag.subject
encounterreferenceAlert relevant during encounterFlag.encounter
identifiertokenBusiness identifierFlag.identifier
subjectreferenceThe identity of a subject to list flags forFlag.subject

Inherited Properties

idNostringLogical id of this artifact
metaNoMetaMetadata about the resource
implicitRulesNouriA set of rules under which this content was created
languageNocodeLanguage of the resource content
textNoNarrativeText summary of the resource, for human interpretation
containedNoResource[]Contained, inline Resources
extensionNoExtension[]Additional content defined by implementations
modifierExtensionNoExtension[]Extensions that cannot be ignored

To view the FHIR specification for this resource, see Flag.